DIY Ideas For A Mother’s Day Gift

If you want to treat a mother in your life with something more personal and creative than running to the store or the florist, you can make these Mother’s Day gifts. She’ll love you for the thought, time and effort you have put into a gift just for her.

Make her a necklace

handmade giftMother’s love precious metals, but simply using sterling silver wire that you can buy at any bead store, you can design and create your own pendant.
Create a simple design like a bird. Bend the wire using pliers to your design and then hammer it flat to create a beautiful, delicate pendent. One trick that you might use if you don’t want to bend the wire over itself too much in your design is to use a higher-gauge wire to wrap at the areas where you want the wire to stay together, but don’t necessarily want the thickness of wrapping the bigger wire around itself. This opens up your design choices to be more intricate.

A Mom’s Survival Kit

This little DIY clutch holder is a great Mother’s Day gift.

Buy a square oven glove, find a large button and about 6 inches of strong ribbon. You also need 10 snack size zip-lock bags, sticky tape, thread and a sewing machine.
Lay your oven-glove square face up to where you want the pattern to be inside. Place one zip-lock bag on the right side (with the zipper toward the right edge) and secure them with sticky tape on the top and bottom. Place another zip lock on the left side overlapping the first and tape the top and bottom. Do this for all ten bags so that you have 5 on each side.
Sew a zig zag stitch all the way down the middle of the oven-glove, down the middle of the overlapped bags.

Fold the oven-glove in half to make the wallet and find your middle to sew on your button. On the backside of your wallet, make a loop with your ribbon large enough to fit over your button and sew down. This present is also suitable for birthdays! But if you need other ideas for birthday presents for women then follow our blog for some future articles on the topic

Family Fingerprint Art


Create a beautiful painting made up of individual fingerprints, with each colour representing a different child or grandchild. You will need the following supplies: 11×14 flat artist canvas, acrylic paint in rainbow colors and 11×14 picture frame.

Tape the edge of the canvas that will be covered with the frame so that you don’t cut off any of the artwork. Create a stencil out of card in the shape you want to colour.

Get the children to choose their colour(s) and practice their fingerprints. Let each colour have a few hours to dry.

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