Be Creative!

Welcome to all of you creative souls.

This is the site which is dedicated to all arts and crafts, and it is certainly going to promote creative ideas and do-it-yourself tips.
Creativity is the way of expressing human intelligence, emotions, and skills. However, if you are not creative, that does not mean you are less intelligent, less emotional or have no skills. Don´t bother with these with these minor setbacks. This site is going to promote ideas which are going to be suitable for more advanced crafters as well as not so skilled persons. It will be the source for your productive days and attempts.
We are determined to make you think creatively in everyday situations; make you see unique uses of ordinary things. We will help you with ideas that we have observed and give you the ideas for simple ways to create arts, gift, purposeful items that you will be able to use every day. Our creative team is going to give you the tips how to make jewelry, wall arts, costumes for your holiday pictures or Halloween, how to create great photos with your cameras or smartphones or lovely gifts for Christmas, Valentine´s Day or birthday. We are interested in giving you ideas that will make you come back and visit our site on daily basis.

Our Team

Our team will work hard to give you ideas and advice to teach you how to do all kinds of crafts like sewing, designing, crocheting and making your items. The best thing about this site that it will virtually connect all those who are interested in creativity and crafts. On our forum, you will be able to learn the tips from the experienced crafters, share your ways of creating different items, learn what works for them and what doesn’t or provide others with feedbacks and ideas of your creative process.This site is designed to connect those creative souls or be your safe place where you can learn fun and interesting ways to be more creative. This site will be your basis of interesting and unique projects that you will be happy to try.As long as we live, we will have the need to express ourselves in different kinds of arts and crafts. Without these skills, our life would be dull and monotonous.

Did you know that creative people are…

Did you know that creative people are more probable to have psychological androgyny? Both men and women who aren’t bothered with gender-role stereotyping are usually more original, and they have many ways through which they can express themselves and work together with the world. It is because they have the skills to behave in different manners: feminine, masculine, passive, dominant, sensitive, and robust regardless of who they’re expected to be. This is visible in many examples of famous artists, actors, singers and other creative individuals.

It is said that creative people…

It is said that creative people tend to travel a lot – if you are unable to do so, we will try to provide you with suitable info and pieces of advice that will inspire you and make you provide better results. Creative people are usually interested in solving problems – you are your best critic, you observe the best possible solutions for everyday tasks, you are eager to know more about all sorts of stuff. Besides, you criticize people´s poor taste, and you are, usually, unable to understand how other people observe art. Creative people also hate stereotypes and are engaged in thinking process before they decide to participate in serious work and creation.


Did you know that green color

Did you know that green color sparks our creativity? Put a plant in your crafty corner, paint the wall green, or work outdoors and you will be surprised with your results. This fact, as well as some other facts and bits of advice, can be found on our website and all to give you inspiration and creative engagement. Or, did you know that exercise has an effect on your inspiration as well? Your brain focuses on repetitive motions with your hands or legs thus creating a lot of space for your imagination to go wild. It is not like you have never seen movie characters get most brilliant ideas while they run.